Images all around, pictures composing the world.
Studio. Glass, food, metal, anything. Finding the right background, setting and shaping the light and creating reflections that give objects vividness. The challenge and research.
Nature. A different kind of beauty, which has a different perception. The transformation from the creator to the observer, to the one who is taking pictures. Structures, colors, shadows, symmetry, surface … Inspiring.
People. Faces, empty and covered with emotion. Bodies in motion, growing with the ground. Riddles, smiles, youth, wrinkles, wit, pain, fatigue, will, win; it never ends.
Facts are more straightforward. I am successfully finishing my studies at the Department of Photography at the Ljubljana Higher School of Applied Sciences and I am constantly improving with the help of the master of photography Dragan Arrigler.
 Fotograf Lovro Rozina s.p.

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 Skype: lovro_rozina